Defending the Spheres

Behold, Tree Crown

First Impressions make lasting ones

Deep within the treasure vault of the Shattered Forge, guarded by a vile malephant, lay a portal to the mystical demi plane of Tree Crown.

Captain Crowe might be a ladies man, but when it comes to talking to Centaur men, he has no game.

A Tense meeting while the captain was Nude, turned violent when he decided to Oil up with a magical salve that caused women to fall madly in love with him. Three Firbolgs, and 20 centaurs, and some elves die when they press in to remove the pirates from their realm.

Crowe succeeds in bewitching a young elf named Moonsilver, who (nominally) aids the party.

Holveg is abducted by wyvern riding dwarves after he is brought low by their crushing offense.


Gilgamesh achilles

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