Defending the Spheres

Escape from Gamaro

Escape from gamaro

“Sir!” the willowy elf came rushing into the room,gasping for air.

Silanos, Assistant to the High admiral of the elven fleet of the known spheres, looked up from the reports he’d been studying. A flicker of annoyance crossed his features, he didnt have time to spare, the Skirmishes with the scro had threatened to become a full out war.

To make matters worse, he’d been duped by the notorious Pirate Captain, James Crow, aka “The Black Crow”, into thinking he and his marooned band were the fantastic heroes of legend who crewed the Ragnarok and defeated a Neogi Deathspider, saving the newly founded elven Agri world of Moondew.

Nothing could farther from the Truth however. The Black Crow was in fact in the employ of the Crime Lord Jarvik the Red, the head of the Neogi Syndicate that had been turned back at Moondew.

If the rumors were true, Crowe was raised by Jarvik, the Hell-spawned spider owed some great debt the man.

Captain James Crowe, and his band of pirates were the ones He’d sent to divine the nature of the Scro Super Weapon. These ruffians were more likely to work WITH the scro than against them.

Silanos quickly regained his composure, and looked up, “Yes, Ensign Sif, what is it?”

“Sir, one of the spies we sent to the provide assistance to..James Crow,” He paused only the slightest of instants, realizing this was still a sore subject to Silanos, “was able to transmit data to our listening post in Morag Space.”

Now this WAS worth his time…“Go on”

“The Captain of the Squid-ship Rum Stealer, reported seeing Crowe Swimming through space towards a galleon named the Star runner. He was able to Escape Gamaro base during the Chaos the captain had created, and get this message to us.”

“Apparently there was an … Altercation between a War Priest named Morkitar and his Man at arms Mahkradar… which resulted in the dracon slaughtering a great deal of Scro”

Silanos Chuckled sadly, “Atleast those pirates did us some good before the scro killed them… Better they die than assist the scro against us!”

“Th-thats just it sir… They didnt die!” Sif hurried on excitedly, “Not only did the Dracon rampage around killing scro. The Black Crow and his men rescued an elf captain, AND cut the heart out of Gamaro Base! They killed Commander Urkutz, his command staff, and put the torch to most of the Scro Compound!”

WHAT!?” Silanos stood up incredulous at this last point, “I TOLD THEM TO GET INFORMATION, NOT ASSASSINATE SCRO BASE COMMANDERS!”

“I know sir, but begging your pardon sir, maybe they did better than that? Maybe they got the information you wanted, and burned whatever they couldnt take… Maybe this Captain Crow is some sort of Hero… They say he slew their commander in Single combat, fending off Urkutz and his body guards all at once! I hear he then snuck back on his own ship, right past the High priest Morkitar, rescued his Elf Wench,-”

WOMAN Sif, Elven women are NOT wenches”

“Sorry sir, rescued his elf woman, and sprung his crew from jail before making his escape!” The entire scro base is in Disarray, they wont be able to mount a decide offensive against us for months,-"

“Enough! Find me The Black Crow, NOW!!!”

Ensign Sif’s terrified form disapeared from his room quickly, without being dismissed. It took a moment before Silanos realized he had crumpled several of the documents in his grip, and with effort released them, and took several deep breaths to calm down. Maybe this was the chance the elves were searching desperately for.


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