Defending the Spheres

The new 'First Mate'

The first mate 2
Lorae shivered in the fish barrel, stifling a cough as she heard footsteps. This was the second time she had been in this barrel. Just hours earlier the captain had returned to the ship to release her from barel and had his way with her. The Captain was most certainly not a moral man, nor was he the cleanest. But he WAS a likable man, and he DID rescue her and save her life from the Scro.

Shortly after she’d rinsed the stink of the fish from her, and later the captain. Mahkradar and some Giff dullard had come to the ship, explaining that they’d just escaped from the Scro Prison. Naturally the James was furious, and so was Lorae. For Any trouble for the Black Crowe and his crew meant the Fish Barrel for her.

She wished she was aboard the dauntless again with her fellow Elves rather than be concubine to this human Pirate, but he was a far cry better than the alternatives. First the War mongering plant people that had killed the crew of the Dauntless, and enslaved its helmsman. He saved her from that fate. Now he had protected her from the Scro of Gamaro base who’d just run the First and third helmsmen through. Despite the collar and manacles, he DID dote on her, and paid a great deal to her needs as they were.

Pirate he was, a despicable smelly human he was, and for some reason, utterly likable without even trying.

The barrel lid was pried open again. She braced for the end. When the Scro found her, She’d be raped, tortured, then killed. She hid in the brine, under the fish. A hand reached in, grabbed her leash and pulled her up.

Only there was no hand, or body holding belonging to the hand! Familiar arms encircled her and a rough kiss was placed upon her lips.

“James!” she whispered, “Whats going on?”

He kissed her again, and she pushed him away long to squeek “Now’s not the time!”

“You’ve never complained too much before!”

“You seduced me,” she shivered out.

“For two months?”

Anger flashed in her eyes, and the color returned to her cheeks, “You’ve obviously had a lot of experience”

“We are being hunted by the scro, I’ve come to rescue you.”

“Thank the gods. I’m sorry I doubted you… Its just I didnt figure you for the type…”

“No, Thank me! And I always take care of my women.”


“The others meant nothing to me, I swear! Listen I want you be my woman, no matter how this turns out.”

“Do I have a choice?”

“Not too much no, but dont I always treat you well?”

“You’ve already had your way with me, whats it matter what I say?”

“Just answer the question wench!”

Lorae exhaled, shaking her head, apparently the captain found her likable too. Two could play this game, “Are you really on a mission from the elven High command?”

“Yep. The pays shit though.”

A single Laugh escaped her lips, “Aye, it is. Complete the mission and see to MY needs first, and I’ll consent”

“Done, I’ll complete the mission. But I’m a free spirit milady, what if another woman has desires set upon me?”

“Nay Captain, MY needs first. AND I want new clothes, on a regular basis. Some Jewels, nothing ostentatious, dont be cheap though. I know you are a man of low moral character , so I wont ask what you cant provide, BUT I will expect you keep your whores out my bed. In fact keep them out of my room altogether. MY needs first Captain!”

“Of course Lorae, anything you want…”

“Your word, James.”

A long moment passed before he choked out , “I give you my word,”

“Good, Then I will be your ‘First mate’,” She pulled him closer, “Now how do we get out of here?”


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