Defending the Spheres

I'm not your monkey!

Captain saving universe

Whats this multiverse coming to? First I have to do the dirty work for the elves, now I have to save my home sphere Double Space from some dooms day space ship called the ravager. I’d like to see the ravager just try to take out some planets in Double space, but I’m more worried the Lich King or the Cougar would take control of this weapon. Then we’d have some real problems.

I’m a PIRATE! I want to rape, pillage, and plunder my way to glory! I want to drink rum, Sell slaves, and bury my treasure on hidden asteroids.

What happened to all the Heroes? Did I miss some memo? I swear when I’m done taking care of the galaxies problems, I’m gonna put these elves in chains, and sell the men to the neogi, and make babies with their women.

No wonder Heroes are always sticks in the mud. Nobody pays for good deeds done!

This galleon looks nice, I’m not much for dirt kicker space craft, but it will have to do. This Captain Tobart worries me a little. I think we might wait for another ship to pass us by and take theirs instead of his. I don’t have a good feeling about trying to commandeer his vessel.


Gilgamesh achilles

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