Defending the Spheres

Nobody steals my chicks

The Black Crow, AKA the dread pirate James Black Crowe, returned from plundering the Demi plane Treecrown to send for help carrying the treasure back.

He was feeling needy, afterall, his new pet moonsilver was lost somewhere in the woods of that wooded demirealm, and his First mate, love of his life Lorae was safely tucked away on the Star runner.

The air in the abandoned citidel felt stale compared to the gentle breeze of Treecrown. Perhaps he would retire one day with a harem of female Elvan concubines… Little did the others realize, but the master of Treecrown could control time in that realm. He could live quite comfortably there for a long time he suspected.

That shriveled up now dwarven wizard also had a spell of cloning. he could live vicariously through himself for many years to come if he wanted to, all he would need to do is master the magical arts required.

It was unfortunate then that he met Longbeard and Macradar outside the portal to treecrown. It was even more unfortunate when they told him that the scrow had paid them a visit and brought 3 fast ships, one of which was a giff breat bombard, and even MORE unfortunate that Longbeard had lost his Woman, Lorae in the chaos.

Yoojimbo had elected to stay behind and guard the treasure from would be thieves. so the Captain and his remaining servants set out to slaughter the scro, every last one of them.

After searching part of the mines, it was evident that his counterpart Captain Tobart was still alive and using his magic to Polymorph the attacking scro and his own crew into large creatures to kill them, and stop them from pursuing. Despite his fears, he did not see Lorae among the fallen.

Satisfied that she was safe for the time being, he guided his crew upwards again, into the castle proper so that the slaughter of scro could begin again.

His disguise making himself appear as bestial as his attackers was near flawless. Being unable to speak their abhorant langauge however made his disguise of limited use, but it did allow him to penetrate enemy lines and attack from behind while his crew assaulted from the front.

Atleast 30 scro had fallen, but he know there would probably close to 100 more, not including the Giff. His only chance was to divide these two forces….


Gilgamesh achilles

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