Defending the Spheres

One day to live

and an eternity in Hell

With the Firbolg guardians down, and a large swath of death created by the Bane of all that is Sentient, The captain rushes for the entrance to the great tree, rejoining his companions.

Bereft of most meaningful magic, damaged, and an army of elves and centaurs behind them, the three humans climb their way up the gigantic miles high tree knowing they face certain death at the hands of a Dragon, the Dwarven wyvern guard, the last Firbolg, an evil wizard and even their own priest Holveg.

But Thor has provided for them. Yojimbo prepared a feast for heroes that morning, and they took their fill. Thor took all fear away from them, for fear has no place in glorious battle. He then further severed their weakness of flesh, rendering them immune to poison, for deceit also has no place in glorious battle.

When they traveled up the winding stairs to their doom, they stood before a trap laid by an evil green dragon.

Ferinai, a magical claymore which had gained a liking to Cervantes, who purpose was to exterminate Evil dragons informed them of a trap. Instead of the beast surprising the captain, he surprised it! Cervantes rended the illusion hiding the dragon null, and Captain Crowe Fired his Arquebus, putting out the dragons right eye!

Stuned by the reversal of events, the Giant green breathed a cloud of poisonous gas assuming it would destroy his enemies. When the billous green clouds cleared, James fired again sending another volley into the scaley green reptile with his magical rifle, inflicting more pain.

When it landed to instill fear in them, and pick them apart piecemeal, the Black Crows blades met him instead.

Such was the Awesome power of Thor, that this Slayer of men could do no harm, and was hacked to bits By James and Yojimbo.

In the dragons lair they discovered a horrid weapon designed solely to slay dwarves. Its majestic design belied its malignant magical abilities however. A Hybrid short-blade of both Elven and dwarven craftsmanship. The weapons beauty was unique. But even a single touch to any dwarf would render them to ash.

Next awaited an army of 100 dwarves. They too were cut down, when Yojimbo sethimself aflame, and rushed into them, allowing Cervantes to possess the fires and expand them to slaughter yet more sentient beings with cruel efficiency.

The Evil wizards defenses remained however. and their final test before confronting the wizard would be to face Holveg and the last Firbolg.

The fighting that ensued left Yojimbo, agent of Thor, locked in magical paralysis separated by cervantes and Crowe by a wooden door.

The wizard reared his ugly head when his firbold champion was dead. he sent holveg forth to do battle with the captain, but holveg broke free of his curse when the wizard demanded he turn upon his former Captain. in a final bid for surival, he sent his remaining guardians, a dozen gargoyles to cut them to pieces while he attempted to crush the captain with his magic.

But while he did so, he under estimated Cervantes and Holveg, and was unable to finish off Yojimbo behind the door. By using the evil wizards own spells against him, Cervantes defeated nine of the stone abominations by himself, while holveg and Yojimbo (once the magical paralysis wore off) relentlessly chased down the Elf that was, and hacked him to pieces.

Face with ultimate defeat, the vile sorcerer made to flee. But Cervantes had not enough blood this day, and so one final soul would be added to his toll. with a flick of his finger, his ring of the ram released a shock wave of destructive force shattering all the bones in his body before he could make good on his escape.


Gilgamesh achilles

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