Defending the Spheres

The Katana of Thor

and Cervantes the Sentient slayer

YoJimbo, Katana wielding specialty priest of Thor has been sent on a mission by his God, Thor, to help the dread pirate captain Crowe and his slave Cervantes in rescuing a priest of Odin, presumably to garner favor for the fate touched Dwarven priest.

Through a series of Harrowing trials to reach the Tree Crown, the three brave souls evade the enslaved Dwarven Wyvern riders seeking them by following the signal flares of elven trackers, finally shaking them when Moonsilver leads many off through the woods away from the Captain, using flares of her own, and the captains clever plan to use Lup to draw out and slay the elves signaling his position to them. They then run their way through a Sylvan Village in order to lessen the casualties until they are they forced to fight their way through 2 Firbolgs and an onrushing army of centaurs and elven archers.

Cervantes shows his true nature as Slayer of all sentient beings by unleashing the elements, scorching, and electrifying scores of centaurs, elves and a firbold.

James Crowe has been secretly learning Magic unbeknownst to his companions, and tricks the onrushing centaur horde to slay the other Firbold.

Yojimbo shows his masterful power by fending off the Firbolg attackers trying to crush the murderous rage of cervantes.


Gilgamesh achilles

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