Defending the Spheres

Tradegy in soulspace

Soulspace. The action is dead here…. Literally. Apparently some souls from some far off plane of existence got booted from the heavens. I guess their Gods died or something and their eternal resting place disintegrated as a result. Anyway, this whole sphere is populated with the indifferent dead of an entire pantheon. Which would be fine if they were still corporeal, but they aint, and their treasures aint either. So they suck.

Anyway there were these pirates of Gith, terrorizing the few living souls in this sphere. They made their home out of an abandoned dwarven forge call “”/campaign/defending-the-spheres/wikis/shattered-forge" class=“wiki-page-link”>Shattered Forge"

Ole Tobart the Beholder in Hiding decides we gots to have some magic device of doomsday weapon detecting, so he dumps us on this rock to do what pirates do best (he neglected to mention the pirates were pirates of gith… aka Cannibal space faring githyanki, minus the silver swords it seems)

So we storm the citadel… funny, I guess the Gith never set off the dwarven traps, on account of being able to travel through the Astral (Cervantes later educated me that this could not possibly be the case, since exact astral to prime plane translations are difficult, if not impossible)

We break the dwarf traps, get into a nasty scrap with the Gith. They nearly kill me. They drop Cervantes and No Beard (Holveg). Then that young elf lass whom I remind myself to bed later rushes in and heroically drags them out of the shit while I face down 3 of them bleeding all over the floor. Cervantes gets of a lucky fireball, interrupting their spell casting, giving me the opportunity to skewer two. The last one, the Captain, escapes to the Astral.

Meanwhile All hell breaks loose outside in the void. The Gith captured an Elvan manowar and where using it to smash our galleon to pieces. In a hail of stones and ballista fire, Their captain existed only as a bloody mist upon their deck, but so did Roselyn, done in by a collapsed mast. After losing their captain, the Pirates escape to the astral, leaving us to mourn our fallen.

I have set aside Roselyns body, in hopes of finding a means to resurrection. I’m certain she would make a fitting consort and loyal servant should she find her way back to the living.

Holveg feels certain there is lingering riches here in this “Shattered forge”, and indeed he has found some long since abandoned secret passages in the dwarven citadel, They are trapped well, so our hopes remain high that what tobart seeks is here, or some trinkets we might keep ourselves!


Gilgamesh achilles

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