Defending the Spheres

Travel to double space

[exert from the diary of Lorae]

It has been over two years since I began my hew life as a slave. First enslaved by the artuuk, who took myself and other other 2 helmsman captive to pilot their own ships, and used the rest of our crew as incubators for their own young…Life was brutal during this time,I watched my friends grow weaker every day until these plantlike monstrosities burst from my former shipmates ending their lives, while I was forced to pilot the Artuuk ships during their own pirate raids. I curse myself sometimes for not ending my own life, rather than help these evil plant creatures maraud on behalf of our hated enemy, the Orc Scro.

I was ‘rescued’ by the infamous captain James black crowe. He is a captivating man (both literally and figuratively), and while he plays at being cutthroat, he has a good streak in him that gives me hope that he will one day do right thing and set me free, for surely he does not need an Iron collar to keep me near!

It has been a few months now that we have been fleeing the scro of gamaro base. We have escaped with a man by the name of captain tobart, and his peculiar assortment of crew.

James, my erstwhile captor and lover, believes his first mate a golem, and his crew to be polymorphed creatures, and that captain Tobart himself to be some powerful inhuman wizard unaccustomed Hunan custom.

I must admit, there are indeed irregularities in the ships construction…it is a galleon, a earthbound ship used primarily by land bound men and elves for sailing a terrestrial worlds seas, but the rudder doesn’t work,being that it is carved from the ship itself, sails too week for sailing the ocean, and a minor helm situated the ships bow, open to the hostile predations of wild space… Even our sleeping quarters are peculiar. Square beds, and coat hangers too high up upon the wall. It seems as if someone has constructed this ship by the description of a human, but never having traveled with one himself. What is truly disturbing is the Beholder orbus in the ships cargo hold.

Tobart himself claims he knows nothing about it. He claims he purchased the ship from elves and he never looked! (Preposterous, let me assure you. An elf would never take a grounding Galleon into space, and if we did, it certainly would not have an Orbus in the basement!)

James has decided to let it lie for the moment, for he claims that whomever Tobart really is , is of no import to us, as he’s worked for far far worse in his life.

As for me, life has been undignified but pleasant for the most part. My ‘Master’ claims he lost the keys to the collar and shackles that have adorned me since my rescue from the Fish barrel, and our subsequent escape from Gamaro base. I have grown accustomed to my garish jewelry (and he does so live my collar and leash in bed), but I was able to convince Longbeard to sever the chains on my wrists. I was unwilling to to let him bring his axe too close to my neck, so the length of chain making up my collar will have to stay.

James tends to me well, however there is another elf girl aboard this ship, a Mercenary named Roselyn. She is an elf playing at being human. I can see the way this woman looks at my Master, and I will have none of it! I shall not play second fiddle to this dirtkicker Elven Orphan. I know its a ruse to steal him from me. training with him to ‘Stay in practice’ or to ‘Pass the time’. Its just the sort of whore the captain plays with too. I know the captain will have other woman, he even told me and I agreed to it!

This girl whore will learn her place! She will not seduce my James!


Gilgamesh achilles

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