Jarvis The Red

Neogi slaver, entrepreneur, and crime lord


“You have done well Crowe, the assault you led on Forest-Glen was a great success and the elves shall fetch a pretty price. Most unfortunate as regard’s Captain Jor, however, I trust your command CAPTAIN Crowe will be less painful than the excruciating death of your late captain.” – James gets promoted.

“What do you mean they refuse to pay the tithe to their Spider God, if they will not give me their yearly crop of study hands, then their God was reap them all. Helmsman, enter Toril’s atmosphere and approach Daggerdale.” – The spider cult of Daggerdale meets their God.

“What do you mean he detects as good? Throw him in with the drow wench and have him kill the first hatchling we take. We can’t waste a good helmsman just because he detects as good, even if he is a wildmage.” – Jarvis the Red meets Cervantes.

“Bring those lily livered traitorous scum of the Thor’s Hammer before me. Go now my charmed ones and bring back the web-bait .” – Enraged Neogi.

Jarvis The Red

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