The broken planet of the Dracon


Type: Earth
Size: F
Shape: Ring (Asteroid Belt)
4 Moons (Subsections of the greater destroyed planet)
World Civilization (Dracon, splintered between four factions)

Distance: 3 rings from the closest inner celestial body and 1 ring from the closest outter celestial body.


Many years ago, before Dracon recorded history, the planet was split into 4 pieces.  Each piece orbits along the original path amongst an asteroid field.  To reach any of the 4 pieces takes a master pilot to navigate the field, however it is easy to kidnap a stray dracon ship that ventures too close the edge of the asteroid field.  The dracons have developed into a warlike spacefaring race in the Crystal Sphere.  The four different factions vying for the sparse resources that remain.  Altercation are many and frequent in the field.


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