The Elf Who Was


A powerful elven wizard who was polymorphed into a dwarf by an old foe, Silverleaf Goldthorn forgot who he was a found himself a menial worker on a Dwarven citadel. Decades he spent on the bottom of the Dwarven social ladder being inept at Dwarven skills he was the butt of many jokes and japes.

One day deep within the citadel Silverthorn found the Stone of Remembrance; upon touching it he recalled his former life. Using his newfound magical prowess he enacted a plan in which he usurped the Dwarven King’s power and took the rulership of the clan into his own hands. He created a portal from the citadel to a great forested Demi-plane of Treecrown of with which he had formerly been acquainted. He moved the remainder of the dwarven clan to that domain and became absolute master of his own realm.

SIlverleaf took on the mantle of the Elf-Who-Was or the Master Within the Tree. For many years he rescued sylvan creatures that were in trouble or at risk of destruction and brought them to Treecrown. At the same time he used his Crown of Dwarven Rulership to force the dwarves into a harsh and cruel lifestyle in vengeance for the time he had spent being so ill treated by his adopted clan.

The Elf Who Was

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