Defending the Spheres

There can only be one!

Orc vs pirate web
These Scro (space orcs) were far too intelligent and organized for us to get off this base while commander Urkutz was alive. I’m not a hero by any standard of the word. I’ll be the first to say I’d say my own skin any day of the week, and the only time I get any sort of courage is when I’m trying to bed a woman. I’m a pirate, pure and simple. So this Scro Commander had to die.

With Macradar rampaging around looking for his magic flail and wreaking havoc, a window of opportunity had presented itself. We proceeded to the main command and information collection center of Gamaro base. Who would have thought I’d ever see an orc reading a book! Now I’ve seen everything..

We set about to hacking apart all the Scro priests, and scribes, and captains, as we went on. Any valuable information we collected, we wrote down or memorized. Any paper we found that we did not keep, we burnt. Soon the whole complex was in flames.

An odd thing happened. I happened across a wondrous shield, it allowed me to intercept all magic missiles aimed at my friends, and rendered me immune to fireballs and lightning bolts! I wasn’t feeling heroic and chivalrous before, but think of the stories of my valor that this shield will generate? Think of the women that I will bed! Now the scro War priests only method to defeat us was Hold Person or blunt force trauma… As if that was going to stop us!

Eventually we found the captain, and his bodyguards. I slew the Commander in Single Combat, then in a bloody climax that ended with only the wild mage Cervantes standing at the end (due to him being paralyzed by the priests), turning commander Urkutz’ corpse into a statue, which I promptly smashed upon regaining consciousness.

Now it was time to leave. We found some Kobold tunnels that ran the length of the base, and when we exited near our ship, we saw the War priest Morkitar stood guard over our ship.

Our crew was imprisoned, and my elf woman Lorae was most likely hiding in a fish barrel again. I’d deal with her later.

Now we made our way to the jails, and sure enough we found longbeard and our new crew… I ALSO spied upon a lovely elf maid in prison here… just waiting for me to free her, ravish her, and enslave her again. I’m sure she’ll fetch a tidy sum!

Gamaro base

Captains log

So everything was gonna work out fine. The elves gave us a ship so we could spy on the scro, and do a job for them. We where gonna steal from the scro, and make a tidy profit!

Instead a giant space hippo gets my draccon thrown in jail, then busts him out and kills a bunch of the space orca in the process. Now instead of getting paid out to help the scro, we have been forced to rampage around the scro base, all because they stole the draccons magic mace. Stupid scro, everyone knows not to mess with a dragonkins treasure!

Getting to Morag Space

The PC journey to Morag space

They ‘recruit’ some sailors, and acquire some ’ship’s whores’

After realizing they have too much crew, some of the crew are left in a life raft at the crystal shells edge.

In the phlogiston, they encounter a body in stasis. After thawing him, it turns out he is a mindcontroling psycho, intent on causing a mutiny.

Not wanting to lose another ship, the captain and his remaining loyal crew kill the intruder, and put down the mutiny.

They then encounter Slabberghast, a giant radiant dragon. It demands Cinnemon and Worship… The captain had some cinnemon ironically, and they worshipped, and all was well.

Next they encountered some Artuk, guarding the Morag space crystal shell. They took over their tradesman, and found 3 captive elven helmsmen,

The second helmsman is Lorae, who becomes the captains Concubine.


The players are on a life raft, adrift in space with their loyal pirate mates . They were just on the business end of a mutiny.

They are picked up by the elves and Captain Crowe convinces them they are Heroes of the war with the Neogi (in fact they work for one)

They are sent out on a mission to morag to see how the scro bested the elven fleet and destroyed an elven home world.


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