Defending the Spheres


The players are on a life raft, adrift in space with their loyal pirate mates . They were just on the business end of a mutiny.

They are picked up by the elves and Captain Crowe convinces them they are Heroes of the war with the Neogi (in fact they work for one)

They are sent out on a mission to morag to see how the scro bested the elven fleet and destroyed an elven home world.

Getting to Morag Space

The PC journey to Morag space

They ‘recruit’ some sailors, and acquire some ’ship’s whores’

After realizing they have too much crew, some of the crew are left in a life raft at the crystal shells edge.

In the phlogiston, they encounter a body in stasis. After thawing him, it turns out he is a mindcontroling psycho, intent on causing a mutiny.

Not wanting to lose another ship, the captain and his remaining loyal crew kill the intruder, and put down the mutiny.

They then encounter Slabberghast, a giant radiant dragon. It demands Cinnemon and Worship… The captain had some cinnemon ironically, and they worshipped, and all was well.

Next they encountered some Artuk, guarding the Morag space crystal shell. They took over their tradesman, and found 3 captive elven helmsmen,

The second helmsman is Lorae, who becomes the captains Concubine.

Gamaro base

Captains log

So everything was gonna work out fine. The elves gave us a ship so we could spy on the scro, and do a job for them. We where gonna steal from the scro, and make a tidy profit!

Instead a giant space hippo gets my draccon thrown in jail, then busts him out and kills a bunch of the space orca in the process. Now instead of getting paid out to help the scro, we have been forced to rampage around the scro base, all because they stole the draccons magic mace. Stupid scro, everyone knows not to mess with a dragonkins treasure!

There can only be one!

Orc vs pirate web
These Scro (space orcs) were far too intelligent and organized for us to get off this base while commander Urkutz was alive. I’m not a hero by any standard of the word. I’ll be the first to say I’d say my own skin any day of the week, and the only time I get any sort of courage is when I’m trying to bed a woman. I’m a pirate, pure and simple. So this Scro Commander had to die.

With Macradar rampaging around looking for his magic flail and wreaking havoc, a window of opportunity had presented itself. We proceeded to the main command and information collection center of Gamaro base. Who would have thought I’d ever see an orc reading a book! Now I’ve seen everything..

We set about to hacking apart all the Scro priests, and scribes, and captains, as we went on. Any valuable information we collected, we wrote down or memorized. Any paper we found that we did not keep, we burnt. Soon the whole complex was in flames.

An odd thing happened. I happened across a wondrous shield, it allowed me to intercept all magic missiles aimed at my friends, and rendered me immune to fireballs and lightning bolts! I wasn’t feeling heroic and chivalrous before, but think of the stories of my valor that this shield will generate? Think of the women that I will bed! Now the scro War priests only method to defeat us was Hold Person or blunt force trauma… As if that was going to stop us!

Eventually we found the captain, and his bodyguards. I slew the Commander in Single Combat, then in a bloody climax that ended with only the wild mage Cervantes standing at the end (due to him being paralyzed by the priests), turning commander Urkutz’ corpse into a statue, which I promptly smashed upon regaining consciousness.

Now it was time to leave. We found some Kobold tunnels that ran the length of the base, and when we exited near our ship, we saw the War priest Morkitar stood guard over our ship.

Our crew was imprisoned, and my elf woman Lorae was most likely hiding in a fish barrel again. I’d deal with her later.

Now we made our way to the jails, and sure enough we found longbeard and our new crew… I ALSO spied upon a lovely elf maid in prison here… just waiting for me to free her, ravish her, and enslave her again. I’m sure she’ll fetch a tidy sum!

The new 'First Mate'

The first mate 2
Lorae shivered in the fish barrel, stifling a cough as she heard footsteps. This was the second time she had been in this barrel. Just hours earlier the captain had returned to the ship to release her from barel and had his way with her. The Captain was most certainly not a moral man, nor was he the cleanest. But he WAS a likable man, and he DID rescue her and save her life from the Scro.

Shortly after she’d rinsed the stink of the fish from her, and later the captain. Mahkradar and some Giff dullard had come to the ship, explaining that they’d just escaped from the Scro Prison. Naturally the James was furious, and so was Lorae. For Any trouble for the Black Crowe and his crew meant the Fish Barrel for her.

She wished she was aboard the dauntless again with her fellow Elves rather than be concubine to this human Pirate, but he was a far cry better than the alternatives. First the War mongering plant people that had killed the crew of the Dauntless, and enslaved its helmsman. He saved her from that fate. Now he had protected her from the Scro of Gamaro base who’d just run the First and third helmsmen through. Despite the collar and manacles, he DID dote on her, and paid a great deal to her needs as they were.

Pirate he was, a despicable smelly human he was, and for some reason, utterly likable without even trying.

The barrel lid was pried open again. She braced for the end. When the Scro found her, She’d be raped, tortured, then killed. She hid in the brine, under the fish. A hand reached in, grabbed her leash and pulled her up.

Only there was no hand, or body holding belonging to the hand! Familiar arms encircled her and a rough kiss was placed upon her lips.

“James!” she whispered, “Whats going on?”

He kissed her again, and she pushed him away long to squeek “Now’s not the time!”

“You’ve never complained too much before!”

“You seduced me,” she shivered out.

“For two months?”

Anger flashed in her eyes, and the color returned to her cheeks, “You’ve obviously had a lot of experience”

“We are being hunted by the scro, I’ve come to rescue you.”

“Thank the gods. I’m sorry I doubted you… Its just I didnt figure you for the type…”

“No, Thank me! And I always take care of my women.”


“The others meant nothing to me, I swear! Listen I want you be my woman, no matter how this turns out.”

“Do I have a choice?”

“Not too much no, but dont I always treat you well?”

“You’ve already had your way with me, whats it matter what I say?”

“Just answer the question wench!”

Lorae exhaled, shaking her head, apparently the captain found her likable too. Two could play this game, “Are you really on a mission from the elven High command?”

“Yep. The pays shit though.”

A single Laugh escaped her lips, “Aye, it is. Complete the mission and see to MY needs first, and I’ll consent”

“Done, I’ll complete the mission. But I’m a free spirit milady, what if another woman has desires set upon me?”

“Nay Captain, MY needs first. AND I want new clothes, on a regular basis. Some Jewels, nothing ostentatious, dont be cheap though. I know you are a man of low moral character , so I wont ask what you cant provide, BUT I will expect you keep your whores out my bed. In fact keep them out of my room altogether. MY needs first Captain!”

“Of course Lorae, anything you want…”

“Your word, James.”

A long moment passed before he choked out , “I give you my word,”

“Good, Then I will be your ‘First mate’,” She pulled him closer, “Now how do we get out of here?”

Escape from Gamaro

Escape from gamaro

“Sir!” the willowy elf came rushing into the room,gasping for air.

Silanos, Assistant to the High admiral of the elven fleet of the known spheres, looked up from the reports he’d been studying. A flicker of annoyance crossed his features, he didnt have time to spare, the Skirmishes with the scro had threatened to become a full out war.

To make matters worse, he’d been duped by the notorious Pirate Captain, James Crow, aka “The Black Crow”, into thinking he and his marooned band were the fantastic heroes of legend who crewed the Ragnarok and defeated a Neogi Deathspider, saving the newly founded elven Agri world of Moondew.

Nothing could farther from the Truth however. The Black Crow was in fact in the employ of the Crime Lord Jarvik the Red, the head of the Neogi Syndicate that had been turned back at Moondew.

If the rumors were true, Crowe was raised by Jarvik, the Hell-spawned spider owed some great debt the man.

Captain James Crowe, and his band of pirates were the ones He’d sent to divine the nature of the Scro Super Weapon. These ruffians were more likely to work WITH the scro than against them.

Silanos quickly regained his composure, and looked up, “Yes, Ensign Sif, what is it?”

“Sir, one of the spies we sent to the provide assistance to..James Crow,” He paused only the slightest of instants, realizing this was still a sore subject to Silanos, “was able to transmit data to our listening post in Morag Space.”

Now this WAS worth his time…“Go on”

“The Captain of the Squid-ship Rum Stealer, reported seeing Crowe Swimming through space towards a galleon named the Star runner. He was able to Escape Gamaro base during the Chaos the captain had created, and get this message to us.”

“Apparently there was an … Altercation between a War Priest named Morkitar and his Man at arms Mahkradar… which resulted in the dracon slaughtering a great deal of Scro”

Silanos Chuckled sadly, “Atleast those pirates did us some good before the scro killed them… Better they die than assist the scro against us!”

“Th-thats just it sir… They didnt die!” Sif hurried on excitedly, “Not only did the Dracon rampage around killing scro. The Black Crow and his men rescued an elf captain, AND cut the heart out of Gamaro Base! They killed Commander Urkutz, his command staff, and put the torch to most of the Scro Compound!”

WHAT!?” Silanos stood up incredulous at this last point, “I TOLD THEM TO GET INFORMATION, NOT ASSASSINATE SCRO BASE COMMANDERS!”

“I know sir, but begging your pardon sir, maybe they did better than that? Maybe they got the information you wanted, and burned whatever they couldnt take… Maybe this Captain Crow is some sort of Hero… They say he slew their commander in Single combat, fending off Urkutz and his body guards all at once! I hear he then snuck back on his own ship, right past the High priest Morkitar, rescued his Elf Wench,-”

WOMAN Sif, Elven women are NOT wenches”

“Sorry sir, rescued his elf woman, and sprung his crew from jail before making his escape!” The entire scro base is in Disarray, they wont be able to mount a decide offensive against us for months,-"

“Enough! Find me The Black Crow, NOW!!!”

Ensign Sif’s terrified form disapeared from his room quickly, without being dismissed. It took a moment before Silanos realized he had crumpled several of the documents in his grip, and with effort released them, and took several deep breaths to calm down. Maybe this was the chance the elves were searching desperately for.

I'm not your monkey!

Captain saving universe

Whats this multiverse coming to? First I have to do the dirty work for the elves, now I have to save my home sphere Double Space from some dooms day space ship called the ravager. I’d like to see the ravager just try to take out some planets in Double space, but I’m more worried the Lich King or the Cougar would take control of this weapon. Then we’d have some real problems.

I’m a PIRATE! I want to rape, pillage, and plunder my way to glory! I want to drink rum, Sell slaves, and bury my treasure on hidden asteroids.

What happened to all the Heroes? Did I miss some memo? I swear when I’m done taking care of the galaxies problems, I’m gonna put these elves in chains, and sell the men to the neogi, and make babies with their women.

No wonder Heroes are always sticks in the mud. Nobody pays for good deeds done!

This galleon looks nice, I’m not much for dirt kicker space craft, but it will have to do. This Captain Tobart worries me a little. I think we might wait for another ship to pass us by and take theirs instead of his. I don’t have a good feeling about trying to commandeer his vessel.

Travel to double space

[exert from the diary of Lorae]

It has been over two years since I began my hew life as a slave. First enslaved by the artuuk, who took myself and other other 2 helmsman captive to pilot their own ships, and used the rest of our crew as incubators for their own young…Life was brutal during this time,I watched my friends grow weaker every day until these plantlike monstrosities burst from my former shipmates ending their lives, while I was forced to pilot the Artuuk ships during their own pirate raids. I curse myself sometimes for not ending my own life, rather than help these evil plant creatures maraud on behalf of our hated enemy, the Orc Scro.

I was ‘rescued’ by the infamous captain James black crowe. He is a captivating man (both literally and figuratively), and while he plays at being cutthroat, he has a good streak in him that gives me hope that he will one day do right thing and set me free, for surely he does not need an Iron collar to keep me near!

It has been a few months now that we have been fleeing the scro of gamaro base. We have escaped with a man by the name of captain tobart, and his peculiar assortment of crew.

James, my erstwhile captor and lover, believes his first mate a golem, and his crew to be polymorphed creatures, and that captain Tobart himself to be some powerful inhuman wizard unaccustomed Hunan custom.

I must admit, there are indeed irregularities in the ships construction…it is a galleon, a earthbound ship used primarily by land bound men and elves for sailing a terrestrial worlds seas, but the rudder doesn’t work,being that it is carved from the ship itself, sails too week for sailing the ocean, and a minor helm situated the ships bow, open to the hostile predations of wild space… Even our sleeping quarters are peculiar. Square beds, and coat hangers too high up upon the wall. It seems as if someone has constructed this ship by the description of a human, but never having traveled with one himself. What is truly disturbing is the Beholder orbus in the ships cargo hold.

Tobart himself claims he knows nothing about it. He claims he purchased the ship from elves and he never looked! (Preposterous, let me assure you. An elf would never take a grounding Galleon into space, and if we did, it certainly would not have an Orbus in the basement!)

James has decided to let it lie for the moment, for he claims that whomever Tobart really is , is of no import to us, as he’s worked for far far worse in his life.

As for me, life has been undignified but pleasant for the most part. My ‘Master’ claims he lost the keys to the collar and shackles that have adorned me since my rescue from the Fish barrel, and our subsequent escape from Gamaro base. I have grown accustomed to my garish jewelry (and he does so live my collar and leash in bed), but I was able to convince Longbeard to sever the chains on my wrists. I was unwilling to to let him bring his axe too close to my neck, so the length of chain making up my collar will have to stay.

James tends to me well, however there is another elf girl aboard this ship, a Mercenary named Roselyn. She is an elf playing at being human. I can see the way this woman looks at my Master, and I will have none of it! I shall not play second fiddle to this dirtkicker Elven Orphan. I know its a ruse to steal him from me. training with him to ‘Stay in practice’ or to ‘Pass the time’. Its just the sort of whore the captain plays with too. I know the captain will have other woman, he even told me and I agreed to it!

This girl whore will learn her place! She will not seduce my James!

Beholder farts
They smell

I have my doubts about tobart. I haven’t brought it up to him(but really how do you bring this up?), but I think he’s a beholder! Now I’ve prided myself on being a level headed pirate, but beholders make for bad business partners… For starters they don’t cooperate with their own kind, and view the rest of us as food.

You’d think that would disqualify them from my list of buisiness partners right there! Not true. I can think of plenty of partners in crime that would eat me given the right circumstances! Mind flayers are perfectly reasonable individuals. I take it as a compliment when a flayer wants to eat my brain while we talk shop, just don’t play cards with them!. Neogi are another example. Just because they have a taste for sentients doesn’t make them all bad!

See beholder are bad because they are arrogant, And because it’s justified. Disintigrators, death rays, petrification to name a few. Even if you could deal with their godlike egos, and Titan like temper tantrums, you can’t get past their bad breath. Do you know what 3 week old Orc smells like? Without a hand to pick the bits out, it just hangs from their slobbering mouths.

But the worst part? Their gas! They are constantly moving around by farting! See contrary to common thought, beholders don’t levitate by their magic. Otherwise they’d fall down when they look at each other. They eat the rankest meat they can find, the fatter the better. And somehow they float on it. Imagine your entire crew were bug bears, and they all eat nothing but beans. Then imagine they pinned you down, and farted on you nonstop till they go pass out from drinking what passes for swill amongst them…. That would smell better than the pervasive stink of a beholder.

Tradegy in soulspace

Soulspace. The action is dead here…. Literally. Apparently some souls from some far off plane of existence got booted from the heavens. I guess their Gods died or something and their eternal resting place disintegrated as a result. Anyway, this whole sphere is populated with the indifferent dead of an entire pantheon. Which would be fine if they were still corporeal, but they aint, and their treasures aint either. So they suck.

Anyway there were these pirates of Gith, terrorizing the few living souls in this sphere. They made their home out of an abandoned dwarven forge call “”/campaign/defending-the-spheres/wikis/shattered-forge" class=“wiki-page-link”>Shattered Forge"

Ole Tobart the Beholder in Hiding decides we gots to have some magic device of doomsday weapon detecting, so he dumps us on this rock to do what pirates do best (he neglected to mention the pirates were pirates of gith… aka Cannibal space faring githyanki, minus the silver swords it seems)

So we storm the citadel… funny, I guess the Gith never set off the dwarven traps, on account of being able to travel through the Astral (Cervantes later educated me that this could not possibly be the case, since exact astral to prime plane translations are difficult, if not impossible)

We break the dwarf traps, get into a nasty scrap with the Gith. They nearly kill me. They drop Cervantes and No Beard (Holveg). Then that young elf lass whom I remind myself to bed later rushes in and heroically drags them out of the shit while I face down 3 of them bleeding all over the floor. Cervantes gets of a lucky fireball, interrupting their spell casting, giving me the opportunity to skewer two. The last one, the Captain, escapes to the Astral.

Meanwhile All hell breaks loose outside in the void. The Gith captured an Elvan manowar and where using it to smash our galleon to pieces. In a hail of stones and ballista fire, Their captain existed only as a bloody mist upon their deck, but so did Roselyn, done in by a collapsed mast. After losing their captain, the Pirates escape to the astral, leaving us to mourn our fallen.

I have set aside Roselyns body, in hopes of finding a means to resurrection. I’m certain she would make a fitting consort and loyal servant should she find her way back to the living.

Holveg feels certain there is lingering riches here in this “Shattered forge”, and indeed he has found some long since abandoned secret passages in the dwarven citadel, They are trapped well, so our hopes remain high that what tobart seeks is here, or some trinkets we might keep ourselves!


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