His parents had warned him the world beyond the skies of Donut were far crazier than his homeland. They also had warned him never to trust strangers, sparsely clothed women!

Yet here he was, shackled in irons being led around by a Vile dark elf, who had seemingly lost all but her tight fitting undergarments.

His magic had gone awry, causing a small explosion in the inn he’d been staying at in the rocks. being ‘Asked’ ‘politely’ to leave, he found refuge in a small cave outside the small village hanging on a tropical asteroid, populated with nothing but lush vegetation, and abundantly colorful talking birds, who’d seemingly learned all the words from drunken pirates.

In the pool languished ebon skinned beauty. Her lustrous white hair floated behind her, and the other asteroids reflections in the night sky obscured her tender parts within the cool waters.

“Please good sir, would you care to join me?” was all he needed to hear. Soon enough he was in the waters wading towards her like an eager wizards apprentice being shown a cantrip for the first time.

And just as soon he awoke collared and shackled in a cave near the pool, sharing his space with two others.

It appeared she had an agreement with the proprietor of the inn, who on occasionally let her abscond with his guests for a price. He’d learned later she received him free of charge. She laughed at his spell book, and pointed out how his magic almost deliberately pulled raw magic from the weave, in a most haphazard manner. Cervantes naively tried to tell her that was the point, which only made her ridicule him more.

Sometime later, they she led them down a path to the far side of the rock they were on, stopping briefly to kick her charges, or to wait for the sun to set. He wasnt certain but it seemed her temper was worse during the daylight.

Eventually they’d came to a small keep built upon on a crystalline spiders back floating no more than 20 ft above the grass in a wide clearing.

in the clearing was a Foppish man, wide brimmed hat, leather breeches, frilly shirt and a broadsword at his side.

“Well well, arent you a pretty site,” he noted looking her up and down.

“As are you, if you would only use one of the many pools on this asteroid,” her eyes lingered on his own and held his gaze, “I…. You must be the Neogi’s pet human. Crowe are you not?”

“That I am my dear Shara, First Officer James Black Crowe, at your service”

“You know I never did understand why you work with that Neogi James. We are both of Cashyk, we are creatures of High Sorcery, and great arcane understanding. Perhaps you would feel… more comfortable as my first mate… I assure you, your employment would be quite stimulating”

“Dont listen to her sir! Shes a vile enchanter, and a cruel one at that!” Cervantes was silenced with a strong jerk on his chain, followed up with several rakes of her scourge across his back.

“Whoa there milady, your already short one per our agreement, and Jarvis has been fitful these last days, he’s molting.”

“I’m short because this sod burnt down the inn where I get my inventory,” Shara retorted, tell tale anger rising.

“And this isnt our problem, listen, we’ll take the three and pay you half. Fair?”

“You’ll pay me full price, this ones a wizard, he’s worth more than the other two”

“Jarvis, well you know Neogi, they’re very strict about failure to deliver orders as agreed upon, and I -”

“That fat spider cant be that strict, you are in his employ after all. Take me too him, He will pay me what is owed!”

“This ones a wild mage, AND he detects as good! Throw him in with the drow wench!”

Cervantes had heard Drow were nearly immune to magic, and further that their magic was nigh unbeatable. He’d also heard they were as arrogant as a beholder.

Shara had walked right into the Mind spider ship, full of umberhulks and its cargo of slaves. He’d seen her cast several protective enchantments before boarding the away boat that carried them up to the keep, and she even put up a good show demanding full price, confident this Neogi Jarvis would see it her way.

It did not. In fact Jarvis was so unaccustomed to seeing anything any other way than his own, that he didnt even stop to listen to her prattle, he simply released a sealed adamantine box over her head, trapping her inside it. He then opened a small window near her feet and proceeded to bite her legs until she passed out from the poison in his saliva. a short trip later she’d been relived of her spells with a spell jamming helm, and stowed below with the other slaves.

“There, four. not three. not two. four. Learn well my boy, some day I will be old and you will have to kill me to take my place. My brothers will not be as forgiving as I am.”

“Wouldnt she be more useful continuing to bring us fresh slaves?”

“Why would she? The first time we do business, she fails. and even if that was not enough, she deigns to waste more of my time. Besides if I had bargained with her then all the other help would think I’d gone soft. One of the other Neogi in the syndicate would take it as a sign of weakness. Fortunately, there is some hope. She seems young and fertile, perhaps you should place your spawn in her. The drow would provide me with far more useful brats than you. You cant even see in the dark!”

“Take the broken wizard down below he can still serve as a spell jammer”


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