An Elf Mercenary who was raised by humans, Roselyn was hired by Captain Tobart to protect his ship and provide a friendly face among his group of social misfits. She is much healthier than a warrior of her skill would imply… She cannot remember her past, and it is unclear why she was left to humans to raise.

Captain Crowes lover/slave/concubine is intensely jealous of her since she believes Roselyn is playing at being human in order to feign similarity to the captain so that she can seduce him (and because she has no collar around her neck!).

James Crowe, naturally makes every opportunity to find himself in a comprimising situation with Roselyn.

It is unknown if Roselyn has been bewitched by the captains charms.

During a raid on a pirate base that turned disastrous, she bravely dragged both Cervantes and Holveg to safety while the James fought a bloody engagement with 2 Gith wizards and a cleric.

She was killed only minutes later during a ship to ship engagement when she was hit by a stray catapult shot.


“Well Captain, you’re good with your sword afterall”


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